Most new Vauxhalls are great cars, reliable and good-looking, some models like the Mokka X and Corsa are best-sellers in their segments too. But even the most avid Vauxhall fan will have to admit that they are more a mid-range sort of offering than an aspirational vehicle.

Nothing wrong with that, plenty of people are looking for a reliable daily driver and there are a number of great options in the range for that. But a new car is a pricey thing and there are a lot of great used alternatives out there that as well. Alternatives that will have your friends and neighbours pointing in amazement as you pull up your driveway for the first time in a fancy sports saloon or roadster. So let’s cast aside new car warranties, service plans and leak-free engines and live a little dangerously.

If you want reliability and low running costs then go buy a new Vauxhall. For everyone else though, prepare to be amazed at our impressive collection of ‘cars that look like a million bucks but cost no more than a new Vauxhall’.