When it comes to comparing cars, the first thing many people look at are their claimed 0-60mph times. Most petrol heads can quote a list of 0-60 times for their favourite sports cars from memory and many an animated pub argument has been based around little else.

But why focus on this metric alone, surely there are other factors at play that mean more in everyday driving? Well yes there are, in fact the amount of times you will be conducting full-bore 0-60mph acceleration runs during the life of your car may in many cases be a total of zero times. We are excluding teenagers from this of course, and YouTube ‘influencers’.

Marketers are partially to blame for this 0-60 obsession too, they love to quote the very best times that the latest turbocharged XYZ can achieve hoping that the simple comparison with a slower rival will have customers flocking to their showrooms instead. We look beyond this singular obsession and assess what really makes a car perform well in real world conditions.