The mid-life crisis is not what it used to be. The stereotype of the 40-something man driving around in a convertible Porsche has done the rounds thousands of times, but today’s reality is somewhat different. Both new and second-hand Porsche have become rather expensive and most people have mortgages to pay off and kids to put through school.

This means that attempting to recapture some of your lost youth is getting harder than ever. Not to worry though, while the prices of certain sporty cars may well be beyond the practical reach of most balding mortals, there are plenty of affordable alternatives out there that will have your toupee blowing in the wind in no time. In aid of this, we have scoured the used car scene to find the best sub-£10,000 mid-life crisis mobiles out there.

We found some convertibles and coupes that offer the kind of driving fun that the hardworking man (or woman) would love to enjoy. Some even have space for the kids in the back if you are feeling particularly generous.