The death of the diesel may be greatly exaggerated but there is no denying that sales figures have dropped drastically in the past year. New legislations are partly to blame and some manufacturers are stopping producing diesel-powered cars altogether. The focus is now on the next-gen EV and ultra-efficient hybrid models.

That’s great if you only plan to buy an EV in 5-years-time, but most current offerings tend to be rather pricey. Those of us looking for a fuel-efficient car today that doesn’t have a diesel engine need to look at what is out there right now.

Thankfully, there are plenty of petrol-powered options to choose from, they may not ultimately use as little fuel as their diesel counterparts but the lower initial purchase price and potentially cheaper running costs may save you even more in the end. To cover all the bases, we have also selected some of the best hybrid offerings that offer great economy figures.