We are currently experiencing the golden age of variety in the motoring world. Twenty years ago, you had a choice of saloon, estate, hatchback and convertible body styles to choose from.

If you wanted something else then too bad, that was it. Today though you can be rolling around in a mid-sized SUV with all-wheel-drive, two doors and a convertible roof. Or how about a coupe-like saloon with a hatchback boot opening? All of these weird and wonderful combinations are now on offer. This strange obsession to fill every possible niche has resulted in a huge range of offerings from most major auto makers.

So, we started to wonder whether there was one manufacturer that could satisfy your every motoring need. A one stop shop where you could find everything from a city car to a family SUV right up to an overpowered sports car under one roof. We did the heavy lifting and selected a few manufacturers that came closest to satisfying eveey need.