If ever there were a more self-satisfied bunch of petrol heads than the owners of air-cooled 911s then we haven’t met them. Prices of these models have gone from affordable to ridiculous in a few short years and those who bought them back in the day are sitting pretty. No longer are they having to fend off unsavoury comparisons with Beetles, now they spend their days dispensing sage advice on how everyone should have bought an old 911 five years ago.

That’s great, for them, but what about those people who weren’t fortunate enough to get in while the going was good? Judging by the constant gloating you might easily assume that the days of the affordable Porsche are long gone.

Well we have some good news for you, there are still plenty of affordable and sometimes even undervalued Zuffenhausen machines about, we even have a 911 you can still afford. Yes, it’s that water-cooled 996 that everyone goes on about, but read on, there are some other great options in here too.