Saloons, hatchbacks, roadsters, convertibles, coupes, minivans and estates. Each of these vehicle types generally tend to do one task really well at the expense of a more multi-faceted driving experience.

Sure, there are fast variants of just about every body shape and size around, but what about interior space and off-road ability? Is there really one car type that offers a driving experience that covers just about every base without being significantly compromised in any one area? Well, if you are looking for absolute dominance in just one category then no, but if you want an all-rounder that can tackle a twisty mountain pass as well as being practical enough for the school run, then there are a number of options out there that will surprise you with their abilities.

The ubiquitous crossover/SUV is a good example of a jack of all trades approach to motoring, but not all are multi-talented machines. We look at some that are as well as a few unlikely options that tick more boxes than you might think.