V12 engined cars are a rarity these days, even before the downsizing trend they really only ever appeared in the most luxuries and expensive models around. Not a lot of manufacturers go to the trouble of developing V12s either, the costs involved are more often than not outweighed by the relatively small sales numbers.

Still, there have been some gloriously smooth and decadent V12s from manufacturers like Jaguar, Mercedes and BMW, that, thanks to the ravages of depreciation, have gradually dropped in price until you are faced with a simple choice: Should you buy a brand new, logical, economical and practical Ford Fiesta, or a used V12 luxury limo? For us the answer is an easy one, we would go with the big fuel-guzzling V12 every time.

Sure, you may be faced with a horrendous repair bill down the road but what a lovely trip it would have been. Even if you daren’t drive it for fear of something expensive breaking, the look on your neighbour’s face as he clambers out of his budget hatchback just as you are polishing your V12 Mercedes for the fifth time will be priceless.