Amidst increasing pressure to lower emissions and increase fuel economy figures, downsizing has become the buzzword in the motor industry. Big engines are out and tiddly little ones are in, or so you would think.

Yet despite the proliferation of small turbocharged three and four-cylinder engines in the lower ranks, there has arguably never been a better time to be in the market for a multi-cylinder big capacity motor. The reason for this comes down to the simple fact that if you want big power you will need a big engine.

Power outputs come down to how much fuel and air you can shove into the cylinders, and while small capacity heavily boosted motors can also deliver the goods they will use just as much fuel in the process with little of the aural drama that should come as standard with performance cars.

So, more capacity means more power so let us celebrate the biggest motors around before they get legislated out of existence for good. Start slideshow