SUVs in all shapes and sizes have slowly been taking over the motoring landscape, not only have they been ousting estate cars, hatchbacks and saloons from the scene but now they are slowly chipping away at the sportscar sector too.

The recipe of a high-riding, heavy 4×4 seems to be at odds with what constitutes an engaging sports car but big leaps in chassis and engine technology have significantly narrowed the gap between the latest generation of top performing SUVs and purpose-built sports cars. Massive turbocharged engines help neutralize the increased mass while advanced all-wheel-drive systems aid these over-performing SUVs to leap away from the lights quicker than you could believe.

Torque vectoring, electronically controlled suspensions make cornering far more engaging too, and once you factor in the inherent practicality of an SUV body style, their popularity becomes a lot easier to understand. So here we have a selection of some of the very fastest SUVs on the planet, from mid-sized performers to ultra-luxurious barges and we also take a look at the next generation of super-SUVs from supercar manufacturers. Start slideshow