British Summer Time is upon us, generally the change of the seasons is not something that needs stating but save for us shifting forward an hour, few people would have noticed much of a difference in the actual weather.

The freezing temperatures mean that road conditions continue to be treacherous in many parts of the UK and where owning a 4×4 was usually a luxury, it is fast becoming a necessity just to get out of the Waitrose carpark.

Perhaps those generations of housewives trundling around town in their pricey Range Rovers were visionaries after all. No, we don’t really think so either, but the fact remains that having some sort of 4×4 can make traversing our patchwork roads that much safer.

We don’t need to stretch to the latest Chelsea Tractor either, there are plenty of fine used 4x4s out there to pick from and we have some of the best right here, they all fall below £20,000 (some well below) and are still modern enough to be reliable and day to day useable. So, get clicking. Start slideshow