A new study has revealed how much learner drivers in different regions of the UK pay to pass their test.

The research carried out by money-saving website www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, suggests that learner drivers in the East Midlands and Scotland pay on average £1,050 in driving lessons, compared to just £675 in Yorkshire and Humberside.

With the average one-hour driving lesson in the UK costing £25, and with Britons taking between 27 and 42 driving lessons before passing their test, it’s no surprise that 88% of new drivers feel it’s too expensive to learn to drive.

What’s more, the study also found that just two-fifths of learners will pass their driving test on their first attempt (42%), with a third passed on their second attempt (31%) and the remaining 27% needing three or more attempts.

When asked if they paid for all of their lessons themselves, one third of respondents (34%) said they did, with the remaining two-thirds (66%) admitting they had help with these costs. Three-quarters of those had help from their parents (74%), with the remaining 26% receiving financial help from their grandparents.

Here are the cheapest regions to learn to drive (respondents were asked how many lessons they took before passing their test and the average cost of a one-hour driving lesson).

East Midlands – £1,050 (42 driving lessons)
Scotland – £1,050 (42 driving lessons)
West Midlands –£1,000 (40 driving lessons)
Northern Ireland – £975 (39 driving lessons)
South West – £950 (38 driving lessons)
South East – £900 (36 driving lessons)
East of England – £850 (34 driving lessons)
North West – £850 (34 driving lessons)
Wales – £850 (34 driving lessons)
North East – £800 (32 driving lessons)
London – £725 (29 driving lessons)
Yorkshire and Humberside – £675 (27 driving lessons)

“You don’t always realise how much you spend on driving lessons, that is until you break it down like this,” said George Charles of www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk.

“When you then factor in the cost of a car, an MOT, tax, insurance and fuel, it’s quite an expensive learning experience – maybe it’s time we reduce the cost of lessons so young people don’t have to borrow or take money off other people in their lives just to get through.”