Exotic sports cars are built in limited numbers to ensure their exclusivity and keep their prices nice and high. Other than for a few that get written off from an overexuberant owner, most end up spending their twilight years being carefully parked in garages, brought out only on sunny days.

The life of the average family car is slightly less glamorous, they are built in the hundreds of thousands and get sent out onto the battlefield that is the daily commute. Only the hardiest survive, some by pure luck, others by way of overprotective and slightly misguided owners. At some point along this timeline the surviving number of these once ubiquitous tin-boxes becomes so low that even the rarest supercar seems mass produced in comparison.

If rarity were the only arbiter of value, these hardy blue-collar survivors would be priceless, in reality most are not worth the cost of an annual MOT. We have picked some of the best and worst survivors out there for you to laugh (or cry) over but to start things off we take a look at a few supercars.

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