Gullwing, falcon-wing, scissor doors, suicide doors, ever since the dawn of the motor car designers have been experimenting with different ways to get in and out of the things.

You would think that the conventional front-hinged door as can be found on just about every car on the road is the most convenient and useful layout, but there are pros and cons for each setup and there have been some very interesting interpretations on each theme over the years.

Cost and complexity tend to limit the mass adoption of many designs but less pragmatic things like looks and style make alternative door systems a popular fitment to rare and exotic machinery.

That said, there are plenty of cheap and cheerful cars that have offered their own unique take on what constitutes a car door. We take a look at some of the more interesting and famous cars throughout history that have strayed from the norm and offered something a little different.

Some have even made their way to becoming valuable collectors’ classics primarily through the way their doors are hinged. Start slideshow