Petrol heads of a certain age will undoubtedly have had their bedroom walls covered with pictures of ‘80s supercars and sports cars. Snow white Lamborghinis, gleaming red Ferraris and Porsches with massive rear wings shared wall space with educational maps of the solar system and that tennis playing lady scratching her bum.

Most young kids would one-day dream of owning these supercars and now that most are in their 40s perhaps the day to make that dream a reality has come.

But what do these ‘80s supercars cost today, have they spent the intervening years slowly appreciating out of reach or are there some great deals out there ready to be snapped up by the family man or woman who has been waiting patiently all these years?

We assess the most popular cars from this era to see whether the time has come to turn that dog-eared old poster into an actual car parked in your garage. Start slideshow