This is probably not the first article you’ve read about ugly cars. Many have been written in the past and many more will be written in the future.

Much as I would like to tell you how difficult they are to do, the fact is that they simply aren’t. Just pick a selection of the many oddities from America (the Pontiac Aztek, obviously) or the Far East (the SsangYong Rodius, inevitably) and you’re off to the races.

But that’s not really fair. A car which would look freakish if parked in Epping might not attract a second glance in Barstow or Sendai. Different cultures, different tastes. Okay, even Americans think the Aztek looks ridiculous, but still.

Since we’re not going to take the easy route, here’s a selection of cars from our own culture whose designs could charitably be described as challenging.

One thing before we start. Ugliness, like beauty, is a matter of opinion. Whatever you think of any car on this list, someone will agree with you and someone else will disagree. It’s just the way things are. Got that? Right. Let’s go.

Alfa Romeo Start slideshow