Car names have always been an area where certain manufacturers just do it better than others. The very first cars tended to be rather unimaginative, bearing the names of their creators or perhaps a number denoting their meager outputs.

Things livened up at the turn of the 20th century with names like Silver Ghost and later the Traction Avant entering the fray, but the majority were still generic sounding things like Model A or Type 35. Some have stuck to alphanumeric model names while more adventurous companies ventured out and gave their cars far more descriptive names, although not always with great success.

Some model names have been with us for so long that we have come to accept them despite their quirkiness, these are the ones we will start off with first on our list.

Then there are the plain silly ones, where you know that the marketing team weren’t even trying. Finally, we have the crazy foreign translations that make little sense outside of their home country.

Yet despite some really unfortunate names, some of these cars have sold extremely well. So, let us introduce you to the wacky world of crazy car names. Start slideshow