New cars have never been cheap and while we do get more for our money today, the cost of even a basic mid-sized family hatchback starts at £18,230. For that you get a Volkswagen Golf fitted with an 85bhp 1.0-litre engine and not much else so you by the time you have added a few options you will be paying closer to £23,000 for the one you really want.

The same applies across the board whether you pick a saloon, convertible or SUV from any manufacturer. The UK’s best-selling SUV is the Nissan Qashqai, it is great to drive and fuel efficient too but a mid-range trim level will set you back £25,000.

Well what if we said you could have 50 SUVs for that kind of money? The used car market is filled with discounted nearly new offerings and you can find conspicuously good savings in 3 to 5-year old cars too.

But if you were to scrape the very bottom of the barrel, you would come across the real bargain finds, the £500 car.

These MOT dodging specimens may not be in the prime of their lives anymore but many are perfectly serviceable and if you are willing to overlook a scruffy interior and an odd noise or two from somewhere under the bonnet then a whole range of options open up, let’s take a look… Start slideshow