Drivers in West Yorkshire received the highest number of speeding tickets in Britain during 2017, according to the latest official data.

Leasing company UK Carline submitted freedom of information requests to the UK’s police forces and the results revealed which areas have the most instances of speeding, as well as the top speeds people were caught travelling at.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

West Yorkshire police issued the most speeding tickets during 2017, racking up more than 142,000 offences, just under 80,000 more than Surrey which registered the second highest number of offences, at 62,623.

Top 10 police forces issuing speeding tickets in 2017

1) West Yorkshire – 142,610
2) Surrey – 62,623
3) West Mercia – 62,503
4) Dundee – 60,465
5) North Wales – 57,224
6) Kent – 53,590
7) Lancashire – 51,455
8) Humberside – 49,982
9) Norfolk – 49,730
10) Dorset – 45,344

Drivers in West Yorkshire showed no sign of changing their driving habits with speeding offences in 2017 up 13% compared to 2016, while Surrey’s figures increased by nearly a quarter (24%) year-on-year.

Fastest speeds clocked in a 70mph zone during 2017

1) West Yorkshire – 160mph
2) Surrey – 150mph
3) Kent – 150mph
4) Lincolnshire – 149mph
5) Dundee – 148mph

Most motorists were caught driving at excessive speeds on motorways and dual carriageways, but one driver in Dundee clocked up 106mph in a 30mph zone, while another in West Yorkshire was caught driving at 102mph – 72mph over the speed limit.

Fastest speeds registered in a 30mph zone in 2017

1) Dundee – 106mph
2) West Yorkshire – 102mph
3) Dorset – 96mph
4) Warwickshire – 95mph
5) Gwent – 94mph

“Our research has certainly produced some eye-opening insight into the UK’s driving habits, with some worryingly fast speeds being clocked by speed cameras up and down the country over the last few years,” said Jonathan Nolan of UK Carline.

“We hope the stats will make people think twice next time they consider speeding, particularly in more residential areas. Drivers should always stay safe on the roads by never exceeding the speed limits.”