Buying a car is sometimes the need and for some it’s their passion. A lot of people buy cars and some even keep on changing their cars with buying and selling as they want hands on experience on different cars. Car enthusiasts have a special love for their cars. With so many car brands in the market everyone have their favorite car. Buying a dream car is the desire of many. Do you know about the story behind your car brand name? If the answer is Yes, Waooo that’s really Great!!! You have knowledge about your car. If the answer is a NO then you can always search for the story.

Well, we are sharing with you the story of how 13 famous car brands got their names. Go further with the read and there is an interesting infographic below., an automobile portal in India has come up with an interesting infographic on the topic – The Stories Behind 13 Famous Car Brand Names.

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Story How Famous Car Companies got their Names