Not so long ago the prospect of owning a decent air-cooled Porsche 911 was a possibility for most car enthusiasts.

Values in recent years have escalated out of control for most of these classics though and now even a tatty 35-year old 911 can command eye-watering prices.

But don’t despair just yet as there are still a handful of Porsches out there that fall firmly into the affordable category. They may not all offer the classic rear-engined layout but there are some superb sports cars out there that have lived in the shadow of the 911 for far too long and deserve their time in the limelight.

Our selection includes some entry-level offerings, long-distance GT cruisers and even a handful of sweet handling mid-engined roadsters.

Don’t worry, we haven’t stooped to include any SUVs in our list, every car here is intended to be driven and enjoyed by true motoring enthusiasts. Start slideshow