In the past, the car boots were more like a motor bazaar than a space meant to carry the belongings of the occupants of the vehicle. Oil cans, water jugs and a heavy toolbox that MacGyver would have wanted for it travelled up and down in anticipation of possible incidents.

Nowadays we all know that cars are pure electronics.That is to say, most of the maintenance are reserved to the professionals of the mechanical workshop.

However, there are still some tools that any driver should carry in the trunk of his vehicle.

Basic tools for the car

Screwdriver :

To change some of the screws of the car, one can use a screwdriver with flat head or another star head. Some screwdrivers gather both types of the head in a reversible case. The completely interchangeable tip screwdrivers will only be a good option if we are sure that we will not lose the tips in the worst of moments.


Pliers is an important tool to keep with us , which is useful for all those jobs that require us to take pieces that we could hardly grasp with our fingers. They must have a cutting area to cut virtually anything. To cut the best is the scissors. It is a very simple tool that is only appreciated when you do not have it, but it can get us out of more than one hurry.

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And if what we are going to do with the pliers is loosen a nut, it is best to get a wrench to avoid destroying the piece that we try to let loose.

Insulating tape and gloves:

Equally important to have a roll of insulating tape, which will be essential for making small emergency repairs, marking points, waterproofing and so on.

To handle all these tools, it will be very convenient to bring good gloves in the trunk. It will protect our skin from stains, and also from chafing and burns by contact with the hottest parts of the vehicle.

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Flash Light :

The flashlight is another tool that cannot be missing in any car. If we do not take it, when we lose something in the engine compartment or under the seats ,we will miss it.

Tools to go a little further

Torx head screwdrivers:

In many occasions, a particular type of screw is used, called Torx. From the parts that make up the dashboard to the fixing of the starter motor, Torx screws can be used. To remove them we will need an appropriate screwdriver.

Allen wrenches:

In the same way that happens with the Torx screw, it happens with the Allen screw. That is why it is convenient to have a set of keys of this type at hand.

Floor Jack and Ratchet::

The floor jack is a hydraulically operated device which is used to lift cars, trucks etc .It is needed when the tires may get damaged or any other simple maintenance of the vehicle. You should take best portable floor jack for this.

Ratchet is useful to access elements that are a bit hidden, such as the screws that make up the battery attachment.


In this list of tools, we have refused to include the hammer, which is often recommended to loosen the screws that hold the wheels. If on any occasion we see ourselves in need to use more than the key that comes from our car, we better ask for specific help. Otherwise, if we hammer ourselves, we can end up breaking the glass of the key or even the head of the screw that we intend to release.

Final Talk:

Finally, depending on the car model, we will have a more or less adequate place to carry these items in the trunk. If this is not the case, we can buy a small plastic box to carry our four but essential tools. That will always be better than taking them in a supermarket bag.