Big family cars tend to have made way for more fashionable but less practical crossover in recent years. SUVs too have made inroads into the the family van territory, but if you are looking for the most practicality and passenger space around then the trusty old Multi-Purpose Vehicle or modified van are still the ones to go for.

Renault claim to have invented the MPV with the Espace back in 1984 and since then many manufacturers have released their own interpretations on the theme, vans have been around since the beginning of the automobile and offer even more space but tend not to be quite so luxurious or easy to drive.

SUVs may hold the upper hand when it comes to style but if lower running costs, the ability to actually fit normal sized people in the third row of seats and decent interior space are high on your requirement list then they simply won’t do.

The latest range of MPVs and family vans are also fitted with far more luxury and convenience features than ever before and we take a look at some of the best modern people carriers around, the criteria for inclusion in our list is simple, each car has to be able to seat seven or more occupants in comfort and offer 35mpg+ fuel economy. Start slideshow