This whole SUV thing has got patently out of hand in the past few years, it seems as if the whole world is intent on travelling around a few inches higher up with four-wheel drive systems that can cross Mt. Everest but will only ever likely be tasked with mounting a curb.

At first luxury car manufacturers started offering a few tentative 4×4 models and now we have sportscar and supercar manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon, packing in massive engines and trick torque vectoring systems in an attempt to outdo each other.

While there are still some very capable off-roaders around, even old stalwarts like the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and Range Rover used to be far more utilitarian than they are today.

While that is not necessarily a bad thing some customers still want the raw unadulterated off-roading experience. So, we decided to find some of the most luxurious, capable, powerful, raw as well as a few slightly unhinged models that have ever been created for public consumption.

Whether you want to cruise down to Waitrose lording it over your fellow road users or want to blast up a mountain side, or perhaps across a river, we have an option in here for you. Start slideshow