Back in the good old days as it were, the traditional sports car performance metric used to be based on how fast a car could get to 60mph or pass the quarter mile marker. It was easy to replicate and worked well enough back when most cars featured broadly similar drivetrain layouts.

The advent of the modern age of sports cars tended to muddy the waters though, with launch control systems, all-wheel drive and turbocharged power, many cars could set blistering short distance times but would falter when it came to real-world conditions.

A change was needed and comparing track times soon became a more representative way of separating the true performers from the one-trick ponies, the addition of corners tested a car’s dynamic abilities too.

There are hundreds of world class venues and racing circuits around the world that are up to the task and the toughest one of the lot has risen up to be the benchmark for the modern production sports car… Start slideshow