Finding a name for a car is much less difficult and expensive than designing and building it, but in a way it’s no less important. Although, as Shakespeare said, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, that sort of thinking isn’t going to impress the marketing department.

Different companies have very different policies. In the 1960s, a Brazilian manufacturer hit the jackpot when it decided to name its new sports car after a nearby municipality and came up with the thunderously wonderful Brasinca Uirapuru.

At the other end of the scale, BMW and Volvo play it safe and go for names like X5 and V40. Who’s to say they’re wrong?

You also have to be careful that the name doesn’t mean something rude in the language of a country where the car will be sold. Using a name that someone else has used before is another no-no, as it could easily lead to legal action.

It’s a minefield, but one that manufacturers successfully negotiate year after year. Here are 49 of the thousands of car model names which have made it to the showroom, and how they got there.

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