When it comes to sports cars the motoring public have never had it quite so good, the selections available in just about every category is simply amazing. From two-seater convertibles to family super cars and hybrid hypercars, there is something out there whatever your needs.

That is of course if your budget allows for it, if so you need read no further as Santa will quite likely have placed that Ferrari key under your Christmas tree by now. However, if like most of us you are not able or willing to part with hundreds of thousands of pounds for a performance car, we are here to tell you that there is a huge range of awesome speedy machinery that can be found used for the fraction of the new cost.

We have corralled together a list of some of the best offerings out there, from the nippy city racer to big V8 tourers, as long as they meet Santa’s criteria of being affordable and quick they make it on our Christmas wish list.

The budget? We start at an eminently affordable £5,000 and work our way up to £25,000, that is still less than the price of most new family saloons out there. So, don your Christmas cracker hat, get comfortable in your armchair and take a read through our eclectic budget performance car mix.

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