The world is full of brash and ostentatious supercars, painted in lurid dayglo colours and sprouting wings and other aero-appendages for all to see. That’s all fine and well for some but there are a large portion of motorists who want the speed without the accompanying flash.

The practicalities of daily driving and the need for a set of rear doors make a cramped and compromised supercar a non-starter. This is where the fast and subtle saloon car steps in, once an anomaly, the overpowered family saloon has become a regular addition to many product ranges and has found favour with those who prefer to travel incognito.

From the original BMW M5 and Lotus Carlton, the combination of a powerful engine and an unassuming four-door bodyshell has resonated with a lot of customers.

Our list covers some of the latest Q-cars out there, from the merely quick and affordable to the simply staggering, there is sure to be one that will suit your needs. Start slideshow