Both in the UK and across Europe, the most popular cars are SUVs, superminis and medium-sized hatchbacks. Sales of these dwarf those of all other types, so manufacturers generally concentrate on them. Very few can get away without having at least one in their line-ups.

As a general rule, the smaller a car is, the more difficult it is to make a profit on it. This is a good reason for many manufacturers to avoid them.

None of this is good news for the city car, but demand remains strong enough to make designing, building and selling them worthwhile. Not everyone wants a large car or an SUV. If you rarely carry passengers or heavy luggage, you’re not concerned about a high seating position and you do most of your driving in or close to towns and cities, a city car will do the job as well as anything else.

For those of you in that group, here’s a run-down of the city cars available to you right now.

Citroen Start slideshow