Mondeo man used to be a thing back in the day, a term ascribed to the average Joe driving the average car. Times have moved on however and today’s Mondeos are much more than just your average car.

In fact, most of Ford’s offerings have moved up the social rankings leaving the ‘average’ ranking to other brands.

This automotive gentrification has also led to an increase in prices and while many of the latest Fords are thoroughly capable, we were wondering if it were now possible to have three desirable used cars for the price of one new Ford.

To keep things representative, we picked from across the entire range, don’t worry, the trusty old Mondeo is still part of the list.

Our aim was to find a trio of cars that would fit the family car/weekend toy/business executive profile the best without exceeding the allocated budget.

It may sound like an impossible task but read on because some of these results are sure to surprise you… Start slideshow