The term ‘best car’ means different things to different people, there is an inevitable compromise in every car design and something that excels at one thing will undoubtedly have made some concessions in other areas.

There are plenty of one-trick ponies out there, but in our definition the best cars of 2017 have to be transcend such singular pursuits and be class-leading in a number of fields.

This year we have seen a lot of new cars come to market and while the focus is increasingly moving towards increased efficiency it is good to see that the performance categories are still very well catered for too.

Despite this, in a few years we may see many more hybrids and fully-electric cars filling our ‘best-of’ lists so we snuck in one or two gas-guzzlers in there just to be safe.

From family-friendly hatchbacks to continent-crushing supercars, we have some of the very best new vehicles and vehicle ranges released this year for you to click through, so let’s get clicking. Start slideshow