It is often said that no one really makes a bad car these days. If only it were so, clearly whoever keeps repeating this has not seen some of the cars in our worst of 2017 list.

Sure, modern cars tend not to rust and leak like their forebears but we still have to deal with horrible interiors, terrible handling and just plain pointless vehicles on a regular basis. To weed out the perpetrators we have selected the worst offenders of 2017 so that you may be spared the agony of ownership. If you have already bought one then there is not much we can do for you.

In truth, a few of these cars are not completely and utterly awful but if they compete in an overachieving segment where everything else is head-and-shoulders better, then they make our list.

This is my personal view, so since we are being ruthless, even minor infractions are grounds for entry, and, in true dictatorial form our decision is final. So without further ado, let the naming and shaming begin. Start slideshow