Lane-hoggers, tailgaters, average speed cameras and drivers who don’t signal are among the most annoying bugbears for motorists, new research has revealed.

According to the study by Accident Advice Helpline, nine in 10 drivers get annoyed by others.

Worryingly, nearly two thirds of those polled admitted their own driving can be affected by irritants on the road, and at times they don’t drive as safely as they should themselves when trying to avoid other annoying drivers.

Overall, of the average eight hours a week spent driving, nearly a fifth of this time is spent getting annoyed by fellow road users.

Top 50 driving irritations

50) When you change lane in traffic because the other lane is going quicker – and the lane you change into stops dead

49) Drivers who take too long to park

48) People who turn into roads really slowly

47) People who drive at 60mph in the middle lane and get the hump when you undertake them at 70mph in the slow lane

46) Drivers who keep stopping to let people out

45) Drivers who ‘rev’ at traffic lights

44) People who pull away really slowly

43) Drivers who stop to let cars through despite there being plenty of room

42) Drivers who beep

41) Dithering at junctions

40) 50mph signs on the motorway

39) Average speed cameras

38) Drivers who leave their indicators on

37) People who have their fog lights on – in the summer

36) Drivers with loud music and the windows down

35) Speed traps

34) Hesitant drivers who won’t pull out of a turning even though you have flashed your lights eight times and waved them out three times

33) Drivers who refuse to overtake something slow like a cyclist or horse

32) When you catch all the red lights

31) People who change their speed really erratically

30) Drivers who never let anyone out

29) Drivers of white vans “who think they’re Lewis Hamilton” and do 100mph in the fast lane

28) Getting trapped behind a bus/tractor

27) Hidden speed cameras

26) Drivers who don’t wear seatbelts

25) Rubber neckers/slowing down traffic to look at an accident

24) Sunday drivers

23) Lane-changers

22) Braking suddenly

21) People who sit in the far right lane when they aren’t overtaking

20) Drivers who undertake

19) Cyclists who ride on the road when there are purpose-built cycle lanes right nearby

18) When lorries overtake other lorries and cause a massive tailback

17) People who fly past you when one lane is shut and try to squeeze in half a mile ahead of you when you’ve been patiently waiting in the queue

16) Road works

15) Drivers who don’t stop at zebra crossings

14) Traffic jams

13) Parking on an angle so you can’t possible park next to them

12) Fast drivers

11) Cyclists who go through red lights

10) People who go through red lights

9) Drivers who use the empty lane to get to the front of a queue of traffic and cut in at the last minute

8) Drivers who don’t say thank you

7) Slow drivers

6) Lane-hoggers

5) Parking over two spaces

4) Drivers who leave their full beam on

3) People texting and driving

2) Drivers who don’t signal

1) Tailgating

“It’s understandable for motorists to get frustrated but we are all guilty of causing danger to other road users when driving,” said David Carter from Accident Advice Helpline.

“It’s important to not let your emotions get the better of you when other motorists are driving dangerously, as this won’t always end well.

“We deal with the aftermath of accidents and know first-hand the devastating effects that car accidents can have on people’s lives.

If drivers are getting irritated on the road there’s a chance that this cause an accident which can alter people’s lives”.