Crossovers and SUVs – or if you ask BMW, SAVs (Sport Activity Vehicles) – have slowly taken over large chunks of the motoring world. Mercedes and BMW were the first to offer what we know as the modern SUV, others soon followed and the marketplace is now literally crawling with just about every imaginable type of SUV.

They started off innocuously enough, combine the benefits of an estate body style, raised four-wheel drive chassis and the luxurious interior of an upmarket saloon. People liked this very much so other manufacturers got on board and now there are all manner of variations on the theme, lower, front-wheel drive pseudo-SUVs, city-friendly mini crossovers and of course the massive supercar rivalling mega-horsepower machines.

Driving a saloon has suddenly become old-fashioned. The higher ride-height, added safety and increased practicality definitely make sense to a lot of consumers and the availability of properly sporty variants means that you can still have most of that sports saloon performance too.

Pricing can be a sticking point though so we take a look at some great new and used options out there for the same price that you would pay for a decent mid-range luxury saloon. Our ceiling has been set at £35,000, which opens up a wealth of choices… Start slideshow