The end of gas-guzzling V8s and large capacity engines is inevitable as hybrids, electric cars and various other nefarious motivational forces (such as 4-cylinder engines) are rendering the once revered 8-cylinder engine obsolete.

Sure, they use a lot of fuel and can bring a grown man to tears when they break, but there is a reason they have been the engine of choice in sports and luxury cars for over 100 years. Nothing else sounds quite as good as a V8 and the effortless power delivery makes them ideal for anything with sporting aspirations.

They can be set up in a number of ways too, the flat-plane crankshaft mid-engined Ferrari V8s shriek their way to stratospheric red lines while the big and lazy American V8s burble along on a wave of torque.

The V configuration also makes them only slightly larger than a four-cylinder motor so they can fit in a tight engine bay far easier than an inline-six or V12 ever could. But thanks to downsizing we now have turbocharged 4-cylinder cars replacing the venerable V8.

Seeing as there may only be a few years left before they are either banned or abandoned by manufacturers, it only seems right to get one now and enjoy it while you still can. Consider the potentially high running costs as an investment in your motoring memories. Start slideshow