Modern Car Badge Designation Confusion

Buying a new car today can be a harrowing affair for those not fully versed in the myriad engine configurations, body styles, safety features and luxury items that are on offer.

Who but the devoted car bore wants to wade through pages of acronyms and confusing technical explanations of their potential purchase?

Add to that the nigh on indecipherable makes and model numbers invented by the engineering team and further convoluted by the marketing department, and most shoppers would rather just avoid the whole issue and take the bus to work.

This sorry state of affairs is not going to get any better and as every manufacturer adds niche models and hybrid powertrains into the mix we have decided that action has to be taken.

In an attempt to provide the hapless shopper with a fighting chance against this growing menace we take a look at some of the worst offenders and attempt to decipher this alphabet soup of madness in the process. Start slideshow