While we may find it hard to believe, the invention of the self-propelled carriage was not met with universal joy and praise. Big changes would take place over the years, roads would need to be built, established businesses supplying horses and wooden carriages would close their doors and new upstarts would take over, the shift to the internal combustion engine was in many ways far more disruptive than our current move towards electric vehicles.

One of the biggest concerns of the time that we will closely relate to today, was regarding safety. Horses tended to canter about and few people found the need to gallop down a busy main road. That sensibility seemed to vanish when someone was seated behind the tiller of a new-fangled automobile. Not a whole lot has changed in that regard.

While the modern automobile is a truly impressive machine, it has the same flaw as the very first Benz Patent Motor Car that puffed into life way back in 1885, namely the driver.

So let’s take a look back through time and see what safety devices have been invented to try to minimise the damage we cause and also how we have managed to keep on crashing and causing motoring mayhem regardless.

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