The word ‘sport’ is perhaps the most overused word in the motoring world today. Back in the 1980’s multi-coloured TURBO decals adorned just about anything with four wheels and now that almost everything is actually turbocharged you hardly see a turbo sticker anywhere.

It seems as if the Sport tag is the latest to receive this treatment, from the Sports Utility Vehicle to sports packs for your nan’s 1.2-litre hatchback, it seems as if just about every car is aiming to be a focused performance machine.

While no one really expects much from an entry level hatchback with a sport sticker on the boot, when that tag is stuck on a lemon that is actually supposed to be a sports car, then it is time to vent.

So here we are, dividing up some of the slowest and most disappointing ‘sports cars’ to have reached production. Some may be great handlers or have looks to die for but a lack of speed is unforgivable. Start slideshow