“In the first century we went bankrupt seven times,” said Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer in April 2015. “The second century is about making sure that is not the case.”

Aston Martin has certainly had its share of financial troubles and might easily have collapsed if one investor after another hadn’t stepped in to save it.

Yet it is now in its 105th year, and is currently ranked at number four (behind Apple, Glastonbury and Netflix but ahead of Nike, Instagram and Spotify) by CoolBrands. No other car manufacturer, and only one motorcycle company – Harley-Davidson – is in the top 20.

This perceived coolness is no doubt partly due to Aston’s long-standing association with James Bond, but the cars themselves are also highly thought of. There have been many hits (along with the occasional big miss) in the company’s history, and the current portfolio and projected future models suggest that Aston has a great future ahead of it.

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