When it comes to buying that special car for your collection the choices out there are endless. Do you settle for the latest performance machine on the market or perhaps something with a bit more history?

New cars, especially the fancy sports cars, tend to drop in value like a stone during their first few years. Some do eventually shoot up in value but that could take a long time.

A classic car on the other hand is more of a known quantity value wise but you do forego the latest technological developments and generally get far less performance if you go down this route.

The chance to attend classic car shows, compete in historic races or maybe the simple fact that you had one on your wall as a poster may be the deciding factor. Then again, the latest McLarens and Ferraris have seriously mind-blowing performance and tend not to break down at inopportune moments.

All of this dithering and analysing isn’t much help either. Well the good news is that we have matched up a selection of the latest supercars against their geriatric counterparts and picked the best choices for you.

No more fussing and agonising for you, just a simple click through our list and all your questions will be answered. Probably.

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