For those of a certain age the majority of the ‘70s and ‘80s were spent being ferried about in various beige and light brown excuses for an automobile. The afternoons in the school yard could be particularly tense moments as you waited for the inevitable cough and splutter of dad’s poverty spec family saloon to come wheezing to a halt in front of you and all of your friends.

But then every so often he would trade in the old girl and come home in a brand new model, all shiny and clean with a whole host of letters on the boot to let others know which trim spec it was.

Sometimes, when all the stars aligned dad would come home in something that would get the neighbours peering out from behind their curtains. A GLE this or a GTI that, maybe even a fancy German saloon to celebrate that big promotion.

We take a look at the some of the life changing cars (at least for a school kid) that you may wish he had hung on to, you see the ‘70s and definitely the ‘80s are cool once again. Start slideshow