Four-wheel drive vehicles have experienced something of a boom in recent years. A few decades ago the extra cost, reduced driving dynamism and increased fuel consumption of a 4×4 drivetrain meant that it was only fitted to those vehicles that really needed the extra traction and go anywhere ability.

Not so today, with advances in technology you can now specify all-wheel drive on just about anything from a supermini to a supercar. While the traction advantages in inclement weather conditions and rocky mountain slopes are clear the majority of these cars won’t be venturing anywhere near such paint scratching hazards.

No, they will sit quietly outside shopping centres and mount kerbs on the weekends to secure that last parking spot at the park. So to get us right back to why four-wheel drive was invented in the first place we have listed some of the best new, used and abused 4x4s out there that can actually be used to get across a boggy marsh. Start slideshow