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John Tallodi

Automotive Journalist and Certifiable Petrolhead

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The UK’s best fast cars on a budget

The sports car market has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade to the point where practically every manufacturer offers a performance model … Read More
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Automotive safety: cars don’t cause accidents, people do.

While we may find it hard to believe, the invention of the self-propelled carriage was not met with universal joy and praise. Big changes would take … Read More
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The slowest and most disappointing sports cars ever made

The word ‘sport’ is perhaps the most overused word in the motoring world today. Back in the 1980’s multi-coloured TURBO decals adorned just … Read More
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The charge of the light brigade

With every new model a manufacturer releases there is always a bit about how the new production process has allowed a weight saving of x amount over … Read More
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Scoring an own goal: amazing automotive blunders

The long-term success of some major auto manufacturers may lead you to believe that they probably never set a foot wrong on their way to global … Read More
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New v Classic – the car enthusiasts’ conundrum

When it comes to buying that special car for your collection the choices out there are endless. Do you settle for the latest performance machine on … Read More
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