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John Tallodi

Automotive Journalist and Certifiable Petrolhead

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Japanese cars that make Sensei

Take a casual look down your high street and the majority of Japanese manufactured cars on our roads seem to be of the sensible and practical … Read More
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When big is beautiful: cars with massive engines

Amidst increasing pressure to lower emissions and increase fuel economy figures, downsizing has become the buzzword in the motor industry. Big … Read More
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SUVs for people in a proper hurry

SUVs in all shapes and sizes have slowly been taking over the motoring landscape, not only have they been ousting estate cars, hatchbacks and saloons … Read More
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Modern muscle – the rise of the super-saloon

The horsepower race has been going on for the better part of two decades now, ever since the manic 400-bhp V8 BMW M5 was unleashed on an unsuspecting … Read More
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Has the Crossover finally killed off the Estate?

Estates used to be the preferred vehicle of choice for many families that needed the additional space afforded by the bigger boot. The differences in … Read More
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Great secondhand 4×4 cars for under £20,000

British Summer Time is upon us, generally the change of the seasons is not something that needs stating but save for us shifting forward an hour, few … Read More
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