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John Tallodi

Automotive Journalist and Certifiable Petrolhead

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Get a decadent V8 before it’s too late!

The end of gas-guzzling V8s and large capacity engines is inevitable as hybrids, electric cars and various other nefarious motivational forces (such … Read More
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Great SUVs and Crossovers that cost less than your saloon

Crossovers and SUVs - or if you ask BMW, SAVs (Sport Activity Vehicles) - have slowly taken over large chunks of the motoring world. Mercedes and BMW … Read More
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How to avoid those ‘essential’ new car optional extras pitfalls

Buying a new car can be an exciting experience, but when you start scanning down the options list with the salesman breathing down your neck pointing … Read More
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Halloween Highway to Hell – the UK’s top 5 haunted roads!

Halloween is upon us! Most of us will be spending our evening pumpkin carving, face painting and trick-or-treating. However, we should not forget … Read More
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Ugly, pointless or cool: when is it just one niche car model too far?

Just over a decade ago, picking a car used to be down to a simple matter of deciding how many seats you needed and whether or not you were going to … Read More
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  • 9 min read time
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The Automatic choice: two-pedals are better than three

Listening to most petrol-heads or motoring journalists you would think that the automatic gearbox is the devil incarnate when fitted to anything with … Read More
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