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Gareth Herincx

Freelance motoring journalist, digital editor and copywriter - ex-BBC, GMTV, ITV and MSN

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Top 10 most embarrassing things parents do in a car

Two thirds of children cringe at the behaviour of their parents' in-car antics, according to new research. The study from 1ST CENTRAL car … Read More
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Revealed: the most economical petrol cars on the market

With sales of diesel-engined cars tanking, more people are looking at petrol-powered vehicles as a better long-term option. Diesels may be more … Read More
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Top 50 driving irritations faced by motorists

Lane-hoggers, tailgaters, average speed cameras and drivers who don't signal are among the most annoying bugbears for motorists, new research has … Read More
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Citroen C3 Aircross review: funky crossover choice

You can count of Citroen when it comes to launching distinctive cars, and the funky new C3 Aircross is a perfect example. Effectively replacing … Read More
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Kia Stonic review: stylish urban crossover

With the European compact crossover market set to double to 2.2 million vehicles by the year 2020 it’s no wonder that a rash of new cars in this … Read More
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Pothole danger warning as road repairs are slashed

Dwindling highway maintenance budgets resulting in less cash for pothole repairs are putting drivers at risk, warns a new study. Analysis from … Read More
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