The classic car world has experienced a sustained growth period for a number of years now – which is great for those who got in at the right time, but not so wonderful for the rest of us.

For example, the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO on the cover was once worth £2,000 second-hand, yet recent auction prices have been a tad higher at around £25,000,000.

The good news is that some of today’s sports cars will follow a similar trend and if you pick the right one you may well own a valuable classic in the years to come. Classic car ownership is not only about financial value though, so our choices include some cracking drivers’ cars too.

So read on to see which of today’s affordable sports cars you should keep an eye on and you too could own a car that will hopefully become a desirable classic in the years to come.

As a rule of thumb cars with low mileages, interesting previous owners and in perfect condition have a better chance of becoming classics than a ratty, six-owner sports car that has no service history. Start slideshow